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Getting Started

Learn the basics of skiing or boarding before you hit the hill.

It’ll make your experience safer and more enjoyable.

Take a look at our group and private classes below to see what works for you, and be sure to check out the FAQs below for information on how to prepare for your first time on the hill. Questions? Contact us.

Getting Started FAQ

Question: Should I try skiing or snowboarding first?
  Answer: We recommend that you learn to ski first. Skiing is easier to learn than starting right out with snowboarding and you won’t fall as much. Having your feet separated on skis allows you more balance control. Less time spent picking yourself up off the ground means more fun on the snow!
Question: How long does it typically take for a first time skier or snowboarder to become proficient?
  Answer: Variables involved are snow conditions, equipment, and student athletic ability. Some students learn in a few hours while others may take a few days.
Question: How do I navigate my first day?


  • Always sign up for your lesson first. Some lessons have options for discounted lift and rental prices, but you must have your ski school receipt to obtain these discounts.
  • Next, purchase your lift and rental equipment at the area ticket windows. Rental options are skis, snowboards, and helmets. These items are also available in the ski shop along with other items like gloves, goggles, sunglasses, snow pants, etc.
  • Now you can make your way to the rental area where you will fill out your rental slip. Make sure you know your shoe size, weight, and height for this form.
  • Once you have all of your equipment, meet your instructor if you purchased a lesson, otherwise, start on the beginner hills and perhaps the Wonder Carpet.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Practice on beginner hills and do not transition to intermediate hills too early.
Question: What is the difference between group and private lessons?


  • Students in group lessons share one instructor. Learning in a group can be an advantage if you enjoy team learning experiences. Group lessons are cheaper per person.
  • With private lessons, the student has their own instructor. With this one-on-one experience the student’s lesson is individualized. This is also the best option if the student has a specific skill they want to improve.
  • Semi-private lessons are a private lesson with two or more students that is arranged by the customer. This is a great option for families with similar abilities.
Question: Do I tip the instructor?
  Answer:Tips are not required but are appreciated by instructors.

Kids Programs FAQ

Question: I was wondering how what are the rates for ski school if you have a season pass, or if you have your own equipment?
  Answer: The cost for the lesson is the same whether the skier has equipment or a season pass or not.
Question: My son is 5. He really wants to learn how to snowboard. I see that your snowboard program is only for kids 7 and up. Is there any possibility my son could participate, even though he’s not 7 yet? My husband or I would be willing to participate, if that would help. If not, are there any other snowboard programs that he could participate in?
  Answer: The shredders program is a group program and including a 5 year old in this group could negatively impact the others in the lesson. Because a 5 year old typically has difficulty balancing on the toe and heel side edges, starting with a private lesson is a better option for this age.
Question: My son is almost 3. We were thinking about bringing him and putting him in Wee Ski school. Is he too young? Should we wait one more year?
  Answer: Every child is different, but we prefer to offer this age a 1 hour or 30 minute private lesson.  This allows the instructor to evaluate whether the child would be able to ski the entire time of the group lesson.
Question: I noticed your hours for kids ski lessons are about 2 hours long — do you have any options or facilities for kids 6 and under during other hours of the day — something like daycare.
We’d love to bring the whole family out, but I just want to see if you have any daycare in addition to the ski schools.
  Answer: Day care is not available. Surplus children will be collected and pressed into service as lift operators. Just kidding!